The Honest Kitchen – Review

Amazing product. Difficult to prepare.

When it comes to quality dog food, Honest Kitchen’s lineup of products may just be in a league of their own, both for quality and difficulty to prepare. Before you switch over to feeding dehydrated dog food, you need to read our review.

The Product(s)

The Honest Kitchen is a small, San Diego based company whose self-proclaimed mission is to “make sure your dog (or cat) is getting the best nutrition possible.” They have a complete lineup of food and treats for both dogs and cats, broken down into categories such as grain-free, whole-grain, and limited ingredient foods with catchy names such as “Force,” and “Love.” The Honest Kitchen is known for their use of organic, sustainable, human-quality ingredients, and stringent quality control.

The Honest Kitchen specializes in dehydrated dog food, which effectively means that all of the water is removed from the food before its packaged – you put it back in before feeding it to your dog. This process yields an exceptionally compact, nutrient-rich food that retains more of its original ingredients’ integrity than any other method of preparation. In addition to regularly releasing the results of quality control testing from their manufacturing facilities, The Honest Kitchen also blogs about nutrition, manufacturing, and general pet health. They know their shit.


It is my opinion that there is no better dehydrated dog food on the market today.  If you were thinking of switching to dehydrated dog food, your search is over. The Honest Kitchen is marked by beautiful, aromatic food that’s colorful, flavorful, and filling.

For the purpose of this article, we will be discussing Honest Kitchen’s ‘Keen‘ recipe, which is a (cage free) turkey-based recipe designed for the average pet dog. Keen is designed to be fed as a complete dog food and does not require adding additional protein sources or supplements. It’s a great starter food if you’re testing out the waters of dehydrated feeding, and it is packed with whole grains and colorful fruits and veggies.


I rated The Honest Kitchen 10/10 for quality, because of their commitment to using only organic, sustainable, human-grade ingredients in all of their products. They’ve created a healthy and varied lineup of products that dogs love to eat.


If you’re new to feeding dehydrated dog food, or if you’ve only ever fed kibble in the past, you will find that feeding The Honest Kitchen is a little more time consuming than usual. Honestly, it’s not bad: all you have to do is add warm water (really.) The process of taking the food out of the box and having it fully prepared in your dogs dish takes all of five minutes or less – but if you’re in a multi-dog household, or you like to free feed your dogs this food might not be for you.

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If you normally make your own dog food, or if you feed raw, you’ll find The Honest Kitchen’s ease of preparation to be a pleasant surprise. Dehydrated dog food is ideal for backcountry camping, road trips, and travel- because it weighs less than conventional kibble, you can take a lot of it with you, and it keeps easily in a plastic bag, so there are no special concerns for storage. If, on the other hand, you don’t have a lot of time to dedicate to preparing your dogs food as it is, you may find the extra steps a hassle. Our recommendation? Try it and risk being delighted – if you really don’t like it, they’ll refund you, and even pay for return shipping.

I rated The Honest Kitchen a 7/10 for its ease of preparation – it’s simpler than cooking your own dog food, but not quite as simple as pouring kibble into a bowl. Unless you really hate warming up water and mixing things, we recommend you give them a try.

thk-5You really do “just add water.” The finished product (below) has a thick, aromatic consistency, similar to oatmeal. (Remember that this article is specifically discussing Honest Kitchen’s ‘Keen‘ recipe – other recipes may not contain grains or certain types of protein/produce.)thk-7

Measuring cup not included. : )


Quality dog food, much like quality people food, is expensive. Relative to processed kibble and canned food, The Honest Kitchen brand commands a premium price point, 2 or 3x what you’re already paying. With that said, I do not consider their prices to be exorbitant, and in fact find that they’re more than fair when you look at what you’re getting. In addition to supporting sustainable, organic, cage-free farming, you are adding years onto your dogs life by feeding him a high quality food – and what dollar figure could you possibly put on that?

I rated The Honest Kitchen 8/10 on price. That is to say, you’re going to have to shell out a few extra dollars every month, but considering you’re reducing the chance of your dog developing serious long-term health issues in the future by feeding him a balanced, nutritious diet, it’s a small price to pay.


The Honest Kitchen seems to have a knack for pleasing even the pickiest eaters. I have never had a clients’ dog turn down a bowl of The Honest Kitchen, nor have my own dogs. Though, to be fair the latter doesn’t really mean much – my dogs will try anything twice. ; )


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Good Things

  • Quality. This is the best dehydrated dog food on the market today.
  • Dogs love it.

Bad Things

  • Time-Consuming. This food is a little harder to prepare than what you might be used to.

The Breakdown