Platinum Pets: Fur Saver Collar Review


I browse through dog training gear all the time (dog trainer syndrome) and sometimes I’ll pick up a few products outside of my trusted circle of brands because they were interesting, or on sale, or simply because I wanted to try something new.  Such is the case with my Amazon purchase of the Platinum Pets Fur Saver Collar in Pink.  Unlike Herm Sprenger, Platinum Pets is what I refer to as an “off-brand.” You won’t (to my knowledge) find their products anywhere but Amazon, and while you will receive the item as described – you get what you pay for.

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Unlike the Herm Sprenger Fur Saver Collar (in flattering black stainless steel) the Platinum Pets Fur Saver Collar features thin, cheaply welded links that are both shorter (by 1mm) and lighter. It lacks the comforting weight of the HS collar, and it corrodes quite easily. The powder coated pink paint chips away almost immediately after use, and while it’s not terribly noticeable from a distance, up close it’s quite easy to see where the powder coating has flaked off, revealing the thin, silver metal underneath.

Granted, these collars are functionally similar and for a cheap fur saver, it does the job just fine. I wouldn’t mind buying a couple of these, just to have them, for when clients need them and for when I have to leave my dog at a kennel: you won’t be out of pocket much if you lose them, and as a training tool they perform just fine under most situations. You’ll find that the powder coating is very smooth to the touch, but in some cases the metal underneath can be quite rough – not quite rough enough that I would worry about my dog getting injured, but not quite as polished as the competition.

I’ve rated this collar a 5/10 for quality because of it’s lightweight construction, rough welds, and easily-chipped paint. However – other than the paint – the collar has held up just fine under normal conditions and would be suitable for most training. Also, while this review is focused primarily on Platinum Pet’s powder-coated collars, it’s worth noting that this company manufactures a large selection of products, including a collar that looks almost identical to the HS counterpart, also in black. This review is only concerned with their line of colorful fur savers and makes no claims to the quality of their other products.


Overall, this collar has not failed me. Being used almost daily for many months, it functions exactly as it did the day I purchased it, albeit with a lot less color. The steel used to manufacture this collar seems to be quite durable, and while it will lose some aesthetic points with extended wear, it should continue to function as described for many years.

Overall, I gave this product a 6/10 for durability. At its core, this collar remains a versatile training tool that can be used everyday without worry. If the paint weren’t so fragile it would’ve easily scored an 7-7.5 (I would not rate this collar above 7.5 for durability on account of its sketchy welding on several of the joints.)


Arguably this collar’s best feature is it’s price. Coming in between $10-$15 on Amazon, the Platinum Pets Fur Saver Collar is the perfect starter collar for someone just getting into working dogs or dog training. You can experiment with multiple lengths, link sizes and colors without breaking the bank, and it’s great having a couple of these collars on hand for ‘just in case.’

I rated this collar a 10/10 in price because it meets functional expectations while being budget-friendly.


This is a little subjective. When you first get the collar it looks great! It’s shiny and colorful and very eye-catching out in public. However, this should be considered part of the honeymoon stage, as it is short lived. Even with minimal use, this collar chips super easily and its appearance will only get worse with time.

I rated this collar a 7/10 in appearance because of the paints short half-life. A collar from this company that isn’t powder coated could easily receive a 9+ rating, depending on the quality of the welds.


Good Things

  • Price. Very budget-friendly.
  • Initial Appearance. Very striking colors out of the box (beware, they will fade over time.)
  • Durable. Will stand up to most training.

Bad Things

  • Durability. Collar will wear down quickly.
  • Quality. Cheaply made - though not unbearable.
  • Paint. Colors begin to chip almost immediately.

The Breakdown