The #OnePictureSaves movement is an effort to give shelter animals the best chance at a possibly life-saving adoption by enlisting the help of professional photographers, groomers, and trainers to take great photos of shelter animals to post online.

Shelter animals don’t have a lot of opportunities to make a good first impression. Most dogs only get one shot – their intake photo – to attract a potential new family to the shelter, and more often than not these dogs are pictured dirty, frightened, and uncooperative…not exactly the happy new best friend people are hoping for. With the odds stacked so heavily against them, it’s unlikely that many of these dogs will make it out of the shelter alive.

Enter #OnePictureSaves volunteers – photographers, groomers, and trainers, namely – who give shelter and rescue dogs a special day filled with grooming, adventure, and affection in pursuit of getting the perfect picture. These photos offer a glimpse into the dogs true personality, and gives them the best possible shot at adoption. Because of my background in the tech industry (where I work as a Designer,) I had the opportunity to volunteer with the German Shepherd Rescue of Las Vegas as their photographer.

Here are some of the photos I took — and I’m ecstatic to say that every single dog pictured below has since been placed in a loving home. : )

Curious how you can get involved? Start by reaching out to your local shelter or rescue as a volunteer and see where it leads! You could save a life today.