Herm Sprenger Fur Saver Collar Review


In dog training, few things are more important than a quality dog collar. Fortunately, when it comes to durable, attractive training equipment, Herm Sprenger’s reputation precedes them.

Herm Sprenger is a German company, located in Iserlohn, Germany.  They’ve been manufacturing metal products for over 140 years, and have become a household name in both the dog and horse industry. In fact, my first encounter with HS products was in the horse world, where (amongst other things) they manufacture a variety of bits, for which they’re held in very high esteem. Having ridden almost exclusively in their bits and stirrups for years, I’ll admit that my review may be a bit biased – but, to be fair, there is a reason why the majority of professional animal trainers rely on Herm Sprenger. Real recognize real.


For the purpose of this article, we’ll be referring to Herm Sprenger’s Fur Saver Collar in stainless steel.  This collar fits dogs with a neck diameter starting at 19″ and is ideal for professional trainers.  It currently retails on Amazon for about $40, depending on the size of the collar.

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As training collars go, fur saver collars are arguably the most versatile – able to be easily slipped on and off, and ideal for most training situations – the HS Fur Saver is an excellent collar for daily training under any conditions. Made of high-quality stainless steel links, this collar will not rust or break under even the most strenuous conditions and can be worn in a slip or non-slip manner.

I give the HS Fur Saver a 10/10 score on quality based on my experience with them over many years of training. When I reach for this collar, I’m confident that it wont break, snag, or bend. The links are smooth and the joints are strong and subtle. It doesn’t get dirty and my dogs can wear it in the pool, lake, or beach without worry that the links will begin to rust or weaken.


I have never needed to replace my HS Fur Saver collars – unless a client’s dog walked off wearing one. I’ve used these collars extensively with my Schutzhund dogs and with my clients dogs – in fact several of my collars have been in use almost every day for more than five years. If these collars can stand up to the wear and tear of daily use at a professional dog training company, then I’m pretty sure they can stand up to anything.

I gave the HS Fur Saver a 9.5/10 score because after extensive use the color will start to wear, but just a little. The Fur Saver will remain very close to the slate-gray color it was when you purchased it, but you should expect the high-impact parts of the collar (the O-Ring and the ends of the links) to turn silvery over time.

Despite the very slight discoloration, this collar is extremely durable.



So, once again – I am biased – but I sincerely do believe that this is the best looking fur saver collar on the market today. They just look more professional than other collars. The smoky gray color is subtle, and unlike the gaudy silver of your standard fur saver, the stainless steel collar is opaque and non-distracting. They’re stylish and look great on any color dog – plus, they’re different. Unless you’re surrounded by other trainers, breeders, or judges it’s unlikely you’re going to come across this collar in the wild.

I’ve rated it a 10/10 on appearance, as it meets all the criteria for a high-quality collar without sacrificing aesthetics.

There is no mistaking this collar – it is a high quality piece of training equipment used exclusively by professionals.


There is no mistaking this collar – it is a high quality piece of training equipment used exclusively by professionals. Because of its marked resistance to corrosion, flexible use (slip or non-slip,) and its unique design, I consider it to be the best fur saver on the market currently.  Now, whether or not having a black collar is worth forking over forty bucks remains to be seen, but to the point of quality and durability alone, I strongly believe every serious trainer should have at least one in their arsenal.

Maybe two. Just in case.

Good Things

  • Durable. Will last a lifetime.
  • Stylish. Looks great on all dogs.
  • Multiple sizes available.

Bad Things

  • Expensive.
  • Some discoloration

The Breakdown